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Often people arenít aware of the wide variety of volunteer opportunities available to them in the Church.  Therefore, here is a description of the Volunteer positions that we have here at St. Paulís.  For further information, speak to a member of the Discipleship Commission.

Flower Deliverer

Delivering flowers is very rewarding, as those who receive them are always very pleased.  After the 11:00 service on Sunday, the flowers are taken from the altar downstairs to the old kitchen.  A card with the name & address of recipient is found with the flowers.  Maps are on the wall to aid with delivery (between Massapequa & Lindenhurst).


Sunday ushers are assigned to a team consisting of four or five members and serve a two week rotation at one service.  Holiday Schedule is voluntary.

On non-communion Sundays, duties include:

1.    Ushering members to pews and distributing bulletins

2.    Passing the collection plate and carrying it to the Altar

3.    Collecting Fellowship Cards

4.    Straightening up the pews after the service

On communion Sundays, duties include all of the above plus:

1.    Extending the communion rail and kneeler after the offering

2.    Guiding communicants as they approach and leave the Altar

3.    Inviting the next 8 communicants to come forward from the pews

4.    Replacing the communion rail and kneeler after communion



If you feel comfortable speaking to people and making them feel welcome at St. Paulís, perhaps you might enjoy being a Greeter.  Opportunities are available for 9:30 and 11:00am services every Sunday and for special services throughout the year.  The only requirement is that you arrive at Church 20-30 minutes before the start of the service.  The usual term of commitment is a one month out of the year for Sunday Services.  We could also use a standby committee who could be called a day in advance when those scheduled are unable to serve.  This is a great way to get to know your ďChurch FamilyĒ members.



The Lectors at St. Paulís are members of the congregation who read the lessons at worship services.  The Pastor reads the Gospel and the lector for the day reads one or two lessons, depending on the service.  The readings are done from a large print Bible that was given as a memorial.  Lectors are scheduled according to the service that they generally attend.  Special services and holiday services are assigned as needed.  The readings are provided in advanced so that the lector will be familiar with the passages.  The only requirement is a willingness to read in front of the congregation.


Contact the church office 631-264-0763

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